Springer Mastermind Group

In alignment with its Vision of promoting research related to coaching for ADHD, Springer Institute will begin sponsoring small Mastermind groups with a limited number of participants. 

These Mastermind groups will provide participants with an open and supportive space for the following: 

  • Meeting and networking with others interested in ADHD coaching research 
  • Sharing research interests 
  • Bringing questions and generating ideas
  • Requesting and receiving feedback 
  • Gaining support and accountability for projects
  • Generating collective momentum to further the field of ADHD coaching research 

A small fee of $50 ($25 for the first session attended) for participation in each 90-minute virtual Mastermind group will support the Mission and Vision of Springer Institute. (Fees and format subject to change.) Springer Mastermind groups will meet quarterly, or more often, depending on participant interest and attendance. A participant-only Google Group will facilitate more frequent conversation and connection as desired. 

The next Springer Mastermind group will meet in May, 2023. Now accepting new applicants.

If interested, please submit a letter of interest to detailing:

  • Professional background
  • Research experience and interests
  • What you hope to gain from participating in a Springer Mastermind group
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